Threat of Flood from DAMS

No such study has been conducted by the Ministry of Water Resources which suggests that the unplanned construction of big dams had lead to the recent devastation in Uttarakhand.

No such specific review of big dams from the point of view of security is contemplated by Government. However, the Government of India has constituted a National Committee on Dam Safety (NCDS) which advises the Dam owners on dam safety procedures including preparation and development of Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). Besides, the Government of India had also set up a National Committee on Seismic Design Parameters (NCSDP) in 1991 which advises the Dam owners on design parameters with respect to safety measures against seismic considerations.

Dam projects are cleared by Government of India through Central Water Commission (CWC) in respect of irrigation and multi-purpose projects and through Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in respect of hydro-power projects. The process of clearance involves examination from Ministry of Environment & Forests for environmental positions of surroundings of dams and aspects related to strength of Himalayan rocks are examined by Geological Survey of India. After assessing these aspects and obtaining statutory clearance including measures to safeguard the safety of dams and environment during and after construction, the clearance is accorded by Government of India.

This information was given by Union Water Resources Minister Shri Harish Rawat in the Lok Sabha today in reply to a written question.